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Just Like Riding a Bike, Eh?

P1000949The end of winter in Calgary is like a mirage in the desert. It slyly offers up the illusion that a lovely spring is about to sprout with a bout of glorious warm days, only to cruelly make it vanish with a hasty plunge of the mercury, just when its arrival seemed imminent. In fact, April is my least favourite month in this town… I’m tired of my skis and eager to row and ride but endlessly thwarted by one snow squall after another instead. Continue reading


Rocky Mountain Ski Bum

Not a bad place to hang your hat!

Not a bad place to hang your hat!

One of the best things about retiring from my old job is that it has opened up a wealth of time and freedom to go skiing — a lot.  In the first sixteen years that I lived in Calgary, I went skiing about once or twice a year.  In the two winters since I quit speed skating, I’ve been close to sixty times. It’s so nice to finally be able to enjoy my backyard – the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Of course I don’t lament all those years I spent not skiing, as I was happily engaged in my occupation at the time, but now that I can get out there regularly, I appreciate it so much. Continue reading

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Calling all YYC Clean Energy Folks

ccatIn my next life, my goal is to work in the environmental industry. Hopefully renewables. In preparation for my return to school in May to get my masters in Sustainable Energy Development, I’m getting out there and meeting all kinds of great people who work in the industry to learn as much as I can and figure out where I hope to fit someday. I happily stumbled across this event and asked if they needed any volunteers… Turns out they’re looking for help to spread the word… For all you clean energy techies out there, this is a great summit coming up in Calgary on March 5. You should totally go! Continue reading

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One Car-Less Girl

When I first moved to Calgary at eighteen to pursue my Olympic dreams I had little need for a car.  I had a bike and a small circle of destinations that made it relatively easy to get around.  I was also student-athlete poor and had no money for an extravagant thing like a car.  But as I got older and Calgary got bigger my desire to be able to go where I pleased on a moment’s notice grew.  The mountains beckoned, as did shopping malls and interesting places to go.

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Mind Shift: Your Daily Commute — Be a Geek!

This really sucks.

Whenever I’m in my car, stuck in traffic or not, I wish with all my might that I was on my bike instead. No matter how windy, rainy or snowy it might be and especially if it’s sunny and warm, I’m instantly jealous of anyone I see riding their bike with vigor and a broad smile stretched across their rosy-cheeked face. If biking is truly not an option I’d settle for the C-Train, so that I could at least let my mind wander or read a book while someone else takes me home. Continue reading