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Calling all YYC Clean Energy Folks

ccatIn my next life, my goal is to work in the environmental industry. Hopefully renewables. In preparation for my return to school in May to get my masters in Sustainable Energy Development, I’m getting out there and meeting all kinds of great people who work in the industry to learn as much as I can and figure out where I hope to fit someday. I happily stumbled across this event and asked if they needed any volunteers… Turns out they’re looking for help to spread the word… For all you clean energy techies out there, this is a great summit coming up in Calgary on March 5. You should totally go! Continue reading


An Important Story To Tell

It’s the honest truth that most of the news we hear about First Nations communities in Canada is overwhelmingly bad.  I pay close enough attention to current affairs to at least know that. The most recent wave of bad news to wash over the country has been about the remote Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario.  Did anybody see? Did anybody hear? Maybe it’s the relentless barrage of global tragedies that makes us numb to more bad news. Continue reading