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You're invited on June 2nd!


And now, some good news. As an antidote to all the self-pity and public navel gazing of late, you are hereby cordially invited to attend this annual University of Calgary event which promises to be a good time! If you’re in Calgary on June 2nd and are up for a little soiree, stop by the University of Calgary ARCH Awards Celebration. There will be minimal ‘official stuff’, strictly short speeches, and plenty of schmoozing and fun instead.

Please RSVP here or click on the photo below if you plan to do so.  Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “You're invited on June 2nd!

  1. hope you have lots of fun!

  2. Hi Kristina, Congratulations once again. It was such an honour to see you and the others receive such an award. I said to Jon, nights like that do not happen very often in life…well at least in my world they don’t! Yours may be different.

    I love your way…simple, genuine, and never too showy. This is what I call…real.

    I hope that you find calm during this wonderful time of self discovery.

    You have my email now so when you are feeling up to it …know that you there is some glass waiting here to be scored. Kind a like when a blade meets the ice!

    It will be your call…the studio and I are are always here. Feel free to invite a friend if you wish.

    Enjoy your day and thanks again for including Jon and I in your special celebration.

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