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The Essence of Sad

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So I covered ‘cute’ in my last post.  Now let’s talk about sad.  I just came across this article on the CBC News website and you can read more about it here in the LA Times.

Seriously, I’m really not sure how anyone could do this.  My first reaction was ‘how stupid’, but my second reaction was simply, ‘how sad’.  How messed up does a sport have to get to make it normal for an athlete to do this? Voluntarily no less?

Italian cyclist performed own blood transfusion: report

The Associated Press  February 9, 2011

Italian cyclist Ricardo Ricco reportedly is being investigated by authorities for performing a blood transfusion to himself. (Peter Deconinck/Getty Images)

Italian prosecutors and the Italian Olympic Committee are investigating reports cyclist Riccardo Ricco, coming back from a long doping suspension, was hospitalized after allegedly doing a blood transfusion on himself.

The Gazzetto dello Sport reported Wednesday that doctors at Pavullo Hospital in Modena quoted Ricco as saying he administered a transfusion to himself using blood he stored in the fridge for 25 days.

He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday in a state of shock, the report said. Ricco was expected to be released on Wednesday.

Prosecutors in Modena have opened an investigation into Ricco, the newspaper said.

In Rome, the anti-doping prosecutors’ office of the Italian Olympic Committee also said it had started a “disciplinary procedure” based on media reports.

The head of the Italian Cycling Federation, Renato Di Rocco, urged Ricco to leave the sport for his own good and the good of cycling. He issued a blistering statement calling Ricco sick and “intoxicated by false messages.”

“He did what he did despite the sentence he received and despite the risk to his own life,” Di Rocco said. “The damage to cycling’s image is enormous and the federation will do everything possible to repair it, but the moral disaster is terrifying.”

Ricco’s Dutch cycling team Vacansoleil said in a statement it will check the “rumours” about Ricco.

“Depending on the outcome, further steps will be taken,” it said, insisting it has a zero-tolerance policy toward doping.

Ricco signed with Vacansoleil for this season following a 20-month ban for doping at the 2008 Tour de France.

His team withdrew him from the five-day Tour of the Mediterranean starting on Wednesday.


This has to be one of the most disappointing things about sport I have ever read.

One thought on “The Essence of Sad

  1. Recent research coming out of the National Anemia Action Council (NAAC) has found that the common practice of administering blood transfusion to traumatic brain injury patients may actually be increasing the risk of mortality as well as “composite complication including multi-organ failure.”The study, which lasted over a seven-year period, found that of the 1,150 TBI patients, approximately 76 percent were found to be anemic at some time period during their first week after administration to the hospital because of their TBI incident. The anemic group was said to have increased complications compared to non-anemic patients and of the “anemic group, 76 percent received blood transfusions during their first week and the transfusion in this group was associated with more complications and a higher mortality rate than patients who were not transfused.”.

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