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Ahhh, the Olympic Montage

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I’m quite a sucker for Olympic montage videos.  A good song, glorious video clips and the subsequent teary-eyed-goose-bumpy shiver I get are all it takes for me to turn to mush and feel inspired.  I’ve met and spoken to many people in recent weeks who are still overflowing with joy and Olympic spirit, although some are also still experiencing much sadness and despair that the Olympics are over.   The best remedy for such an affliction: the Olympic montage!!  If you want to remember, or make sure you don’t forget, just watch a few montages.  Here is one of my favourites from the Olympics in Vancouver.  It was compiled by CTV and narrated by Globe and Mail columnist Stephen Brunt.  It won’t bring the Games back, but hopefully it will remind you of how truly awesome it all was.

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