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Fun with Randy Starkman

This past summer the Toronto Star’s uber-awesome amateur sports writer Randy Starkman came to the Richmond Olympic Oval to compile reams of Olympic interviews with the Canadian speed skating team.  As far as championing the Canadian amateur athlete goes, none do it better than Randy.  He is relentless, precise and eloquent in his aim to bring exposure and awareness to the oft unknown and obscure Olympic sports and their athletes.

I was going to post the video and article he put together about me, but upon closer review of the ‘Olympic blogging rules’ I decided it might be best if I just post a link instead.  Click here to see the video and read the article.  Thanks Randy!

One last note:  because of said Olympic blogging rules and a packed racing schedule, I may not update this blog frequently or at all in the next few weeks.  Thanks for stopping by and many thanks to everyone for all your support and good luck wishes!

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