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Torch Relay Details

Only one more day to go!  The Olympic Flame arrives in Calgary tonight!

I thought I would post details of my run for anyone who may want to follow it live.  I am scheduled to start running at approximately 7:37 am Mountain Time on Tuesday January 19.  You can follow the flame live by going to this website:

It’s a great website for watching the actual run.  It’s going to be dark so maybe all you’ll see is the flame!

Other details that might be useful for anyone in Calgary who want to watch are:  I will be running along 22nd St. NW between 1st Ave. NW and 2nd Ave. NW, which is a residential street in West Hillhurst and my torchbearer number is OTR082-016.  I think that is the route marker that will be at the start of my relay segment.

Shortly after my short run the Olympic Flame will make its way to the Calgary Olympic Oval for a bit of a celebration.  Find details of that event here.

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